George is a recently retired polymer research scientist and college lecturer. Despite his age, his preferred musical taste includes Saxon and Metallica; his preferred means of transport is the motorcycle but is under a family ban following the last of his crashes. Yet this weirdo writes poetry and likes Beethoven.

This is his story; how he rose from obscurity in Bootle to obscurity in Aintree, endearing himself to his many fans with his political incorrectness.

Many have asked about the title of this book. According to a Watch Committee of 1888, Bootle was rated as 'exceptionally rough'. In fact, Bootle is no rougher than other areas of Liverpool, but has an undeserved bad reputation. A popular expression when the author was a lad was "Bootle, where the bugs wear boots" from whence came the title.

Where the bugs wear boots is an autobiography with a difference. The book is basically the story of a Scouse survivor. It is not just an autobiography, but a historical and occasionally hysterical record of 68 years of world and local events and how they affected him.

The book includes a comprehensive Scouse Dictionary so that non-Scousers can understand what he is on about plus a timeline showing what has happened in the world from 1941 to the present day.

'Bugs' costs 10.00 plus 2.50 P&P in the UK

An extract from the foreword:

"George's life-story reminds me of a comment by Emile Zola: "If you ask what I am here to do in this world, I will say I am here to live my life out loud." Which, really, is the only way to live! This is clearly not a book for the faint hearted.

Some of it will disturb you – he's not the kind of guy to apologise for it either. All these ingredients make his book unusual and yet very accessible at the same time. I know you will enjoy the read. I did."

Peter Howard-Browne
Cape Town, South Africa

A Scouse Anomaly

George Russell is a scouse anomaly:

- A metal-head who likes classical music
- A biker who writes poetry
- A college lecturer who reads comics
- A scally who appreciates Shakespeare

What 'They' say about this book:

'The dude's a nut case!' (Spring-heel Jack)
'A man oughta know his limitations' ('Dirty' Harry Callaghan)
'People talk and talk and talk about individual freedom, but when they see a free individual, it's gonna scare 'em!' (George Hanson)
'Our table no longer wobbles" (Chris Packet)
'What, me worry?' (Alfred E Neumann)

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