Does studying give you a headache?

Structured Learning can help you!

Studying & learning

There is a massive amount of information that needs to be understood and remembered for each subject.

Studying and learning

Structured Learning shows you

  • How to organise your time effectively
  • How to break a subject into manageable units
  • How to create outline plans to improve subject understanding

Retaining & Recalling

Studies have revealed that it is possible to forget as much as 75% of a learning or revision session in 24 hours.

retaining and recalling

Structured Learning shows you:

  • How your memory works and how to improve it
  • How to process your notes so they are easier to understand and remember
  • A self-assessment procedure so you can visualise your progress

Revising & Passing

Many students fail to excel in exams because they are unprepared or the pressures are too much for them. They may also have difficulty in communicating the knowledge they do have.

Revising and passing

Structured Learning shows you:

  • How to develop a strategy for exams and coursework
  • How to reduce exam nerves
  • How to approach the different exam question types you may encounter


What is Structured Learning?
A simple to use course which enables students to improve their grades in coursework and examinations.

Can it be used for any subject?
Yes. It is particularly effective for learning the grammar and vocabulary of foreign languages.

Does it work?
Yes. These books will help you to improve your essential examination skills by showing how to organise your revision and retain knowledge in your long-term memory

Isn't hard work enough?
Possibly. But if you just read your notes passively, over and over again without understanding, you may fail. Structured Learning is an active, effective way to study

Structured Learning costs 5 plus 3 P&P for the whole course

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